Leverage Multimedia to Elevate Your Brand or Podcast with Vinnie Potestivo, 11-23-2022

Episode 179 November 14, 2022 00:53:27
Leverage Multimedia to Elevate Your Brand or Podcast with Vinnie Potestivo, 11-23-2022
Passage to Profit Show - Road to Entrepreneurship
Leverage Multimedia to Elevate Your Brand or Podcast with Vinnie Potestivo, 11-23-2022

Nov 14 2022 | 00:53:27


Show Notes

Richard Gearhart and Elizabeth Gearhart, hosts of The Passage to Profit Show interview Vinnie Potestivo from vpe.tv and I Have a Podcast, Kurt Davis from KDAlive and Angel “Arock” Castillo from bpm music. 

Vinnie Potestivo is an Emmy® Award-winning Media Advisor who helps clients leverage their media exposure, find fame, and make impact. Vinnie is the Editor-in-chief of I Have A Podcast® and is responsible for discovering and amplifying the voice of independent podcasters worldwide. Listen to Vinnie dissect the creative process with some of the stars and creatives who helped launch his career such as Mandy Moore, Danielle Fishel, TJ Lavin and Ananda Lewis (to name a few). As a network executive at MTV Networks (98-07) he discovered talent and developed new ways to support their goals, pioneering the way brands and business owners could contribute to their public narrative by making them stars and producers of their own television series. Early hits include Punk’d, The Osbournes, TRL, 8th & Ocean, Wild ‘N Out, & The Challenge. Since then, he and his team at VPE.tv have continued to be well-trusted connectors who develop and distribute original content across all media platforms. Read more at: https://vpetalent.com/ and at: https://ihaveapodcast.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters For November 13, 2022:

Kurt Davis is the founder of KDAlive, Sunrise Ventures and Kamakura Ventures. KDAlive is a platform about travel/culture, well-being, and entrepreneurship. The central point of this platform is around well-being and the well-being framework called Ultimate Well-Being (UWB). The first 20-years of Kurt’s career were spent between Silicon Valley and Asia, working with technology startups in finance and business development roles. In 2017, he took time off for foreign travel, including Africa and Myanmar. Through his travels, he explored mental health, happiness and wellness through various cultures and religions. During the pandemic, he launched his Ultimate Well-Being program and published a short 10,000-word e-book called The Isolation Survival Guide. He also finished his first book called Finding Soul: From Silicon Valley to Africa. He’ll soon publish another book about startup sales and business development entitled Breakthrough: The Playbook for Executing a Transformational Deal. Read more at: https://kdalive.com/ 

Angel “Arock” Castillo is the founder and CEO of bpm music and bpm supreme. bpm music is a music and tech company focused on providing musicians DJs, producers, and creators with the tools they need to create and perform. Acting as an intersection between music and big tech, the company’s innovative platforms feature cutting-edge functionality to help users play, perform, produce, and create with ease. bpm music focuses on both music discovery and music organization, providing creators with the most advantageous tools to excel in their careers. bpm supreme is a leading digital music service for professional DJs. With an innovative approach to music discovery, the company names many notable DJs as users, such as Jazzy Jeff, Deorro, and TroyBoi. bpm supreme is the #1 music pool for DJs for four years running, as voted on in Digital DJ Tips’ Global DJ Census, the largest DJ survey in the world. Read more at: https://bpmmusic.io/ and at: https://bpmsupreme.com

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